Bradford Kobras Performance Centre



If you are a young player of school age and want to improve your badminton performance then the KOBRAS is for you.

The Kobras PC run several coaching sessions every week and the prime ambition is to promote quality coaching with FUN. This is made a lot easier with the professional coaches that the Kobras work with;

Head Coach – Ed Foster (Ex England Star) has a vast experience of playing international badminton and now is the coach to the most successful county in the country.

Coach – Jenny Wallwork (England Star) The Kobras are very privileged to have a current England player and she fits in some excellent coaching sessions for our players.

Coach – Tom Millbank (Full time coach & Fitness Professional) The coaching sessions that Tom provides are second to none and he provides a constant flow of talent for our Head Coach.

Coach – Ashley Reed – He provides the groundwork of coaching for players moving from school’s play to the Kobras Performance play.

Coach – Brian Fisher – He is the link between the new players from the Primary Schools and the Kobras PC.

Coaches – there is a back staff of additional coaches that we are constantly training and providing experience of coaching in our cells

Badminton England supports the performance centre in every form and the Kobras has the use of all Badminton England’s experienced staff and the performance pathway which allows players to play club or performance. The Bradford Kobras PC has two main committees, the Executive Committee and the Full Committee. The executive committee is the Chairperson, Treasurer, Liaison Officer & Head Coach. The full committee is everyone else and everyone is welcome! This allows parents to understand the working of the performance centre.   

The Bradford Kobras Performance Centre holds annual training courses for players, coaches and volunteers. These will be advertised on the website. The young players have the opportunity to become coaches in their own right and the Kobras likes to promote this continued education in the sport. There is also the CPD (Continued Professional Development) for all the coaches and volunteers. This program works in conjunction with Badminton England’s Premier Club accreditation which the Kobras currently holds. All coaches are Badminton England registered and hold a CRB certificate as well as Safeguarding and Ethics & Equality qualifications.