All About Badminton

Want to know about badminton?

The game is a fantastic racket sport that can be played by all ages and all abilities. So start playing and enjoy the sport.

The Basic Rules:

The current format for scoring used by the IBF is 21 point rally scoring.
To win a match you have to win 2 games out of 3
To win a game you have to score 21 points.
If the score becomes 20-20 then the first one to win two consecutive points will win.
If the score becomes 29-29 then the 30th point will win the game.
Every rally will end in one player winning a point

If you win a point then you serve until you lose a rally.
If your points are even then you serve from the right hand box and consequently if the points are odd you serve from the left hand box.

Rackets are very light in weight nowadays and can vary in price from £30 - £200, but a beginner can pick a very good quality racket up for £40. Rackets are usually made from carbon graphite which makes them strong and very light. BUY a racket

The are 3 basic types of shuttlecock. The first is a goose feather shuttle, these are the best type and the majority of players participate with these. The price can vary from £9 to £35 per tube of 12. The price generally reflects quality and strength of the shuttle. The 2nd type is a duck feather shuttle these are cheaper than goose feather shuttle but are not used as much. The 3rd type is a plastic shuttle and these are used by schools and sports centres due to the durability, however there is a difference in flight of a plastic shuttle and a feather shuttle. Buy shuttles

It is important that a white soled badminton shoe is used - it provides grip and support to the ankle during play. BUY shoes

Badminton Brands
There are several badminton brands that are pre-dominately badminton based.
Yonex, Yehlex, Forza, Carlton, Ashaway, Inflight, Head are some of the main brands

At some point during your playing career you will need to restring your racket. There are always the sports shops that will string a racket - currently £20 -£30 depending on string. However there are a lot of players who string their own rackets and will often do it substantially less than the shops £10-£20 depending on the type of string. There are several types of string available and basically it is down to the thickness of the string and the brand to the price. The tension is also an option, this is always subject to the frame strength of the racket. But rackets can be strung from 22lbs to 35lbs, however the norm is approx 24ibs to 26lbs

There are plenty of branded clothing that are specfically for use in badminton. In reality all you need to wear is a T-shirt and shorts or skirt (skort) BUY badminton clothes

There are several organisations that are responsible for badminton locally, nationally and internationally. The Bradford League is the local organisation that runs Mens doubles, Ladies doubles & Mixed doubles competitive play in the bradford district. 

The Yorkshire Badminton Association is responsible for all county badminton for both junior and senior competition.

Badminton England is the national organisation that is responsible for all badminton in England. If you would like to affiliate to Badminton England please click here

The international organisation that controls all international competition is the BWF Badminton World Federation

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