Juniors/Bradford Schools

Why should children and young people play badminton?

  • It’s great exercise and involves running, jumping, lunging, bending, stretching and hitting movements sometimes quickly, slowly, gently or with power.
  • There is immediate satisfaction. The design of the shuttlecock causes it to slow down in the air and allows ease of hitting. You can play the game from the start.
  • It involves a challenge, requires attention and practice. Whilst playing you learn new skills. It demands concentration as well as physical effort.
  • It is enjoyable even if you lose! Though winning is good the result does not really matter. Both players will take away from the game ideas about how they played so that they can train harder, practice strokes and work on their tactics to get better.
  • It offers the opportunity to meet new friends and develop new friendships.
  • Finally it is a good game to play because should you excel at it it offers serious competition up to the highest level. There are leagues, clubs and tournaments at a local and a national level.

At what age can you begin to play?

It is not really possible to state any specific age. Some children start playing at a very early age and many yet many top players did not start playing until their teenage years.

The best advice is to begin by hitting shuttles together just for fun to let them get the feel for it. If it’s fun it is more likely that they will develop an interest. If your child is not interested it is best to leave the game for a while and try again later. If they become interested you can begin to play games together and when they re ready explore joining one of the many junior playing opportunities in Bradford.

Start Playing Badminton

For beginners there are a number of Turn up and Play session across Bradford. It's a great place to start and get spotted as the next talent in Bradford. Find a session near you by clicking here.

Badminton in Schools

A number of schools across Bradford offer their pupils opportunities to play badminton, just for fun and competitively. Click here to find out more.

Bradford Kobras Performance Centre

The Performance Centre offers invited players the opportunity to develop and hone their skills and compete locally, regionally and nationally to develop their talent at the highest level. Find out more about the Performance Centre. Parents have an important role to play in developing their children's skills and we encourage parents too to get involved.


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