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Bradford League Rules

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1. Name of the League

The League shall be called ‘BRADFORD AND DISTRICT BADMINTON LEAGUE’ . The Bradford and District Badminton League is a not for profit Community Organisation.

2. Purpose

i) To contribute towards positive social well being of the communities of Bradford  by  promoting and improving access to Badminton for people of all levels. We will aim to achieve this by:

ii) Maintaining and Developing competitive badminton Leagues & Competitions at appropriate levels for all ages.

iii) Inspire young people to be involved by supporting quality coaching and having fun The Annual General Meeting has the power to appoint Vice-Presidents on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. Vice-Presidents may attend meetings of the League, but they are not entitled to a vote except at the Annual General Meeting.

iv) Creating and strengthening links between the badminton communities of WEST YORKSHIRE ; eg) Young People Performance Centres, Yorkshire Badminton Association & Badminton England

v) Develop and maintain connections with social badminton groups, offering advice for groups and individuals who want to expand their experiences

vi) Provide Information and advice about Badminton in Bradford to people who want to be involved

3. Officers

i) The Officers of the League shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The minimum number of officers that make up the elected committee  will normally include; President, Chairman, Secretary, Match Results Secretary and Treasurer.

ii) The elected committee have the authority to nominate and select additional committee members for specific roles as defined by the League as appropriate

iii) The Annual General Meeting has the power to appoint Vice-Presidents on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. Vice-Presidents may attend meetings of the League, but they are not entitled to a vote except at the Annual General Meeting.

4. Accounts

i) The treasurer shall keep the accounts of the League and submit to the Annual General Meeting a financial statement which has been approved by the Auditor. The Auditor shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting and shall give an Auditor’s report to the succeeding Annual General Meeting. The Auditor may attend any meetings of the League but is not entitled to a vote.

ii) If the League is dissolved any financial surplus will only be distributed to member clubs of the League. 

5. Committees

i) The affairs of the League shall be conducted by the League Committee consisting of one representative from each Club and the League Officers.

ii) Clubs not represented at the League Committee Meetings shall be fined an amount determined by the Annual General Meeting.

iii) The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Officers of the League, who shall have the power to co-opt other members as necessary. This committee shall have authority to deal with emergency business and also make decisions on any rule where the interpretation is not explicit or where any matter is not covered by the rules. The Executive Committee shall in due course report to the League Committee.

6. Meetings

i)  Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to each Club Secretary and League Officers, and 21 days clear notice shall be given of such meeting.

ii) League Committee meetings shall be held regularly throughout the year as agreed at the AGM.

iii) Minutes shall be taken at all meetings and circulated to  club officials to agree as a true record of events. Matters arising should be communicated to the Leagues secretary 14 days before the next meeting to be included on the forthcoming agenda.

iv) A League Committee Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting may be requisitioned by four or more clubs and such meetings should be held within 14 days of such written requisition being received by the Secretary.  

7. Voting Procedure

i) A quorum for an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting shall be forty percent of the number of those entitled to attend and vote. At League Committee Meetings two thirds of those entitled to attend and vote shall be a quorum, For Executive Committee Meetings five of the committee shall be a quorum.

ii) At League Committee Meetings all Officers and one representative from each club shall be entitled to one vote.

iii) At Annual General Meetings or Extraordinary General Meetings each club shall be entitled to send all registered members and together with League Officers they can speak at the meeting. Voting at such meetings shall be restricted to League Officers and Club representative (s) on the following basis:-

  1. One to three registered teams who completed previous seasons fixtures:
    One Voting Representative.
  2. Four to seven registered teams who completed previous seasons fixtures:
    Two Voting Representatives.
  3. Eight and over registered teams who completed previous seasons fixtures
    Three Voting Representatives.

8. Alterations To Rules

Any proposed change of rule must be submitted in writing or email to the Secretary no later than 8 weeks before the next League Committee Meeting. Such proposals will be considered by the Executive Committee and circulated to all League clubs for consideration and will then be voted on at the next League Committee Meeting. Any new rule or alteration to a rule must be passed by a majority of two thirds of those voting at the meeting. 

9. Playing Venues, Inspections and Approval

Playing Venues

i) Playing venues shall normally be located within reasonable proximity of Bradford.

ii) Matches shall be played on any evening from Monday to Friday.

iii) All clubs must indicate a start and finishing time of matches and stipulate the number of couples required to commence play promptly. This information will be available on the league website.

iv) Where a single court venue is used, play shall commence at 7:00pm and a minimum of four hours playing time made available.

v) Where a multiple court venue is used play must commence between 7:00 and 8:00pm. A minimum of four and a half hours playing time must be available for each match played. Where a match commences at 8:00pm two courts or more must be available and play should be continuous.

vi) For clubs playing on venues where entrance fees are applicable, the home team captain must pay all the visiting team entrance fees to the venue prior to the commencement of the match. Where this is not possible due to the entry rules of the sports centres, the home team must reimburse the visiting team.

Inspection and Approval

i) The executive committee reserve the right to inspect any playing venues at their discretion and approved by the Executive Committee.

ii) All playing venues must be approved by the executive committee

Essential Conditions of Approval

i) Courts, posts and nets to conform with Law 1 of the Laws of Badminton adopted by the International Badminton Federation.

ii) Suitable playing surface.

iii) Regulation Double Court size plus 22” unrestricted space all around outer court lines.

iv) Desirable minimum height 25’.

v) Mens and ladies changing and toilet facilities readily available.

vi) Seating provision for players adjacent to the court(s).

10. Registration and Entry Fee

i) All new clubs shall pay an entry fee.

ii) All clubs shall register officials and pay an annual fee by the Annual General Meeting for each team entered in the coming season.

iii) The fees shall be fixed by the Spring Committee Meeting.

iv) All players shall be registered with the League Match Secretary and if a club has more than one team it must nominate all the 1st team players who are not allowed to play in lower teams.

v) All registrations must reach the Match Result Secretary before the date specified at the Autumn League Meeting. It is the responsibility of the club to ensure that players are registered before the commencement of the season.

vi) Registrations must be submitted to the League Match  Secretary on the official form supplied by the Executive Committee and all the details must be complete on the form to validate the registration. Incomplete forms will not be accepted and will not fulfill the requirements of registration.

vii) Additional player(s) may be registered during the season in two ways: a) On the back of the match score sheet by writing:  Please Register For (name the Club), (Player’s Full Name)” and  (the players contact details). All the details must be written clearly & legibly to fulfill the requirement. No more than 3 players may be registered on the back of a score card for any one team in any one match. b) By sending an email to the League Match Secretary before the match, containing the same details. An email, or any communication, sent retrospectively will not be acceptable and the appropriate defaults will not be rescinded. The League Match Secretary will not be responsible for any misrepresentation of registration information and any defaults will not be rescinded.

viii) All unregistered players will forfeit any rubbers won to the opposing team and they will be deducted 1pt.

ix) The final date for clubs to register new player(s) for their higher division teams is the 1st of February. Where a club has only one team in a league section, that club may register new player(s) after the 1st of February.

x) A player who plays three times in any higher team or teams shall normally no longer be eligible to play in a lower team. However, in exceptional circumstances, special permission may be sought for a player who had already played three or more times in a higher team or teams to play again in a lower team without penalty, if the reason is due to injury, long term sickness, or maternity of a regular team member.

xi) Players who are attached to two clubs may play for one club in mixed matches and the other club in Mens or Ladies matches; the final date for registration with the second club’s higher division teams is 1st February. Second club registration after 1st February can only be in the lowest team with the approval of the Executive Committee.

11. Arrangement of Matches

i) League matches shall be arranged mutually between competing teams and must be fulfilled

ii) The League’s Summer Committee Meeting will be partly used to     facilitate the final preparations of the coming season. The League representative and Match Secretary from each club must attend.

The following information will be provided :-

  1. The starting and finishing dates of the playing season
  2. The designated date of the half way point of the playing season
  3. The starting dates for the levels and mixed matches.
  4. The final date by which arrangements of matches must be completed
  5. The final date by which completed Divisional fixture lists must be submitted to the League Match Result Secretary by the League clubs.

iii) Where a club has two or more Mens teams, each team shall play two matches before a third is played by any of the teams. The same principle must apply for Ladies and Mixed Teams.

iv) Where two teams from the same club meet in the same division, such teams must play each other in the first match of each half of the fixtures.

v) Levels and mixed matches must wherever possible be played in alternate weeks.

vi) Every team must play ½ the seasons fixtures by the ½ way point of the season as decided at the Autumn League Meeting, unless special agreement is given by the Executive Committee. Any club failing to complete the required fixtures must report the reasons for this to the Executive Committee.  

12. Withdrawing Teams from the League

i) Clubs wishing to withdraw teams after the closing date for entries must normally withdraw the lowest team in the divisions entered.

ii) In exceptional circumstances any club may apply to the League Executive Committee to withdraw a higher team and by doing so prevents any lower team from finishing in the top two promotional positions

iii) Any withdrawal must be notified in writing to the Match result Secretary

iv) If a team is withdrawn after the Autumn League Committee Meeting club concerned must notify in writing the Match Result Secretary and all other clubs affected. 

13. Playing Rules

i) Couples shall usually play in order 1,2,3 but in the case of multiple court venues play may continue with agreement according to the availability of courts and couples.

ii) If no couple(s) is\are available to play 20 minutes after the stated starting time, rubber(s) may be forfeited at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

iii) In the event of a match not being completed, a full explanation must be reported on the back of both competing teams match score sheets. The match result will be decided by the Executive Committee on the explanations presented.

iv) No player may play in more than one match within its time span and must be available to play at any time during the course of the match.

14. Incomplete Teams

i) In the event of a club not being able to raise a full team, and in the interest of supporting teams to complete match fixtures without being penalised, they may use players that are tied to a higher team within their club without penalty points being applied. However any rubbers that they should win will be awarded to the opposing team. This must be communicated to the opposing team before the match commences.

ii) In the event of a team playing a match without the requisite number of players. The offending team shall be penalised one rubber for each missing couple and all the unplayed rubbers forfeited to the opposing team.

iii) In the event of both teams being incomplete the unplayed rubbers shall not count.

iv) Where a club is consistently fielding incomplete teams the Executive Committee will request an explanation from the offending club and will consider taking appropriate action.

v) In th event of a team not fulfilling a fixture with any pairs; an average number of rubbers wil be awarded to he non-offending team. 

15. Shuttles

Feathers shall be used in all matches in the Bradford League. Shuttles may be tested as per Law 3 of the Laws of Badminton adopted by the International Badminton Federation. Once accepted, the shuttle must not be interfered with during play. A player may ask for a replacement shuttle if the one being used is damaged or inconsistent in flight.

16. Promotion and Relegation

i) At the end of each season the top two teams in each division except the highest shall be promoted. Relegation will normally be the lowest team or teams depending on the number of teams in that division. In any event the constitution of divisions shall be determined at the Summer Committee Meeting.

ii) If for any reason there is a vacancy in the higher division, the vacancy shall be made up by the higher of the two bottom teams retaining its position in the higher division.

iii) Should any team complete the season unbeaten and finish top of their division, then if so desired they can apply to the Executive Committee to be placed in a higher division than that they would normally assume.

iv) In the event of two or more clubs tying on an equal number of rubbers, league positions shall be decided by rubbers won, then games won, then an average of the 2 matches between the two teams (head to head).

v) Constitution of Divisions: The number of divisions and there make up shall be determined at the Summer Committee Meeting.

17. Transfers

i) A player may transfer from one club to another club part way through a season by being deregistered from one club and reregistered with another club.

ii) All transfers need to be confirmed prior to the commencement of a match and can not be made on the back of a score card.

iii) It is the responsibility of the club officials to inform the match secretary of any transfers.

iv) Any transfer will not be accepted until appropriate communication has been received from both clubs involved.

v) Any club wishing to approach a player who is a registered member of another club, must first inform the Secretary of the club concerned.

vi) A player may be re-designated from a higher team to a lower team of the same club with the consent of the Executive Committee only. This must be authorised before the half way point of the season ( this is to be fixed yearly at the Autumn League Committee Meeting) but cannot return to such higher team.

18.  Scoring

i) Each club shall be awarded one point for each rubber won.

ii) A rubber is the best of three games to 21 aces, winning by two clear aces. If two clear aces aren’t attained the game continues until two clear aces are attained. If the score is still level at 29-29 then the next point is sudden death. The final score would be 30-29. Players change ends after every game and at 11 aces in a third game.

iii) Scoring Differentiation

  • Only 1 serve, and when point lost serve goes to opponents
  • Point scored every rally
  • Even points from right service box
  • Odd points from left box
  • At start of game, server is in right box and when service lost the opponents take their first serve from the left box
  • Only change box when winning a point while serving

19. Score Cards

i) Both teams are responsible for keeping a copy of the score card and in addition the home team is responsible for sending in the completed score card to the Match Secretary, the away team can send a copy in by email only.
ii) Score cards may be sent in via scan and email, which must be received by the match secretary within 7 days of the match being played. (this rule will come into force in September 2016)
iii) In the event of a score card being misplaced, not being submitted or missing, the home team will be deducted 1 pt and the away team will be asked to submit their copy within 7 days. If the away team cannot produce a score card then they will also be deducted 1 pt. If neither club can provide a score card, the match will be regarded as void and both teams will be deducted 1 pt.
iv) Score cards must be completed accurately. This includes; The date, Name of Teams (A/B/C/D…if one), The Division, Full Names of players (not just initials), the adding up of Rubbers and Games won and a legible signature from both teams.
v) Incomplete or illegible score cards will attract a penalty of 1 point which will be deducted from both offending teams. It is the responsibility of both teams to ensure that score cards are completed accurately.
vi) If match results are submitted by e-mail it is the home clubs responsibility to ensure that both sides of the score card are sent in. If the rear of the score card is not sent then resulting penalty will not be rescinded unless it is to the detriment of the away team.

20. Postponements & Re-arrangments

i) Matches should not be postponed and may only be  postponed in exceptional circumstances, for example unexpected loss of hall or adverse weather conditions or condition of the playing surface. Not being able to raise a team does not constitute an exceptional circumstance.

ii) In other circumstances postponements may be agreed in kind by mutual consent of both clubs involved.

iii) All postponements must be communicated to the league before the match commences.

iv) Rearrangement of fixtures must be organized and communicated to the league within 14 days of the original fixture.

v) Any postponed matches that are not communicated to the league will be regarded as missing score cards and the rules relating to score cards (Section 19) will apply.

vi) If no dates are offered by the home team within 14 days then the away team has the option to claim the match by default.

21. Complaints Procedure

Complaints relating to any violation of the Rules of Badminton and\or the rules of the Bradford and District Badminton League will be dealt with by the Executive Committee. 

Any such complaints must be lodged by the protesting club with the League Secretary within seven clear days of the alleged violation(s). ( Sundays and Bank Holidays not included)

Complaints must be made to the league in writing and sent to the leagues by email or by post and a copy sent to the Secretary of the club protested against.

The Club involved must respond to the allegation(s) in writing or by email to the League Secretary within 14 days of the alleged violation(s) ( Sundays and Bank Holidays not included).

The Executive Committee will appoint a sub-committee which will initially consider the complaint and responses and report their findings to the Executive Committee. That Committee will then decide whether a protests hearing should be convened.

Seven clear days notice of any such hearing will be given to the parties to the protest, who will be afforded the opportunity of making a statement at that hearing.

If either or both parties elect not to attend the hearing, the Executive Committee may deal with the protest(s) in their absence. 

A member of the Executive Committee who is also a member of the club which is a party to the protest shall not take part in the adjudication at the hearing. 

22. Penalties

The Executive Committee may impose any one or more of the following penalties where a club and/or player has contravened any of the Rules of Badminton and/or the Rules of the Bradford and District Badminton League.

i) Offending Club 

  1.  Written warning addressed to the Secretary of the offending club.
  2. Personal warning.
  3. Fine up to a maximum of £50 to be paid within 28 days. ( In default the club concerned will automatically be expelled from the League)
  4. Deduction of rubbers, up to and including nine.
  5. Relegation of an offending team to a lower division. A team in the lowest division may be refused entry the following season.
  6.  Exclusion of the offending club from the Bradford and District Badminton League.

In respect of b, e and f, the Chairperson and Secretary of the offending club must appear before the Executive Committee if such a penalty is to be imposed. 

ii) Offending Player

  1.  Written warning – copy to the player concerned and a copy to the Secretary of the Players Club.
  2. Personal warning
  3. Fine up to a maximum of £20 paid within 28 days. ( In default the player’s registration will automatically be cancelled)
  4. Suspension – first report – unlimited period – second report –sine die.

In respect of b and d, the offending player together with the Chairperson and Secretary of his/her club must appear in person before the Executive Committee if such a penalty is to be imposed.

Written confirmation of any penalty or penalties imposed will be served on the Secretary of the offending club(s) and on the Secretary of the club lodging the original protest. 

The Secretary of the League must maintain details of the decisions imposed at all protest hearings for future reference and report any recent decision to the League meeting subsequent to any hearing(s).

22. Health & Safety

  1. It is the responsibility of each individual player to ensure that they wear Safe and Appropriate footwear to play badminton.
  2. It is the responsibility of the home club to ensure that the courts are fit for match play. In the event of a court being unfit for play, the match should be halted and resumed on a different day, agreed by the two teams in play in accordance with the rules relating to re-arranged matches (Section 20)
  3. Safe Guarding: Any members of a team who are aged 16 or younger shall have a designated responsible adult present for the duration of the match. A Responsible Adult can be anyone over the age of 18 who knows the young person well. This could be another member of the team or a parent/helper who is present at the match. 


Continuity of Play

Having regard to the high cost of court hire, and also the fact that many clubs have restricted times in their hiring contracts, it is essential to keep matches progressing to make the best use of the time available. With this in mind the Executive Committee recommends that knocking up be kept at an absolute minimum.

  1. Knocking up only taking place prior to the first three rubbers of the evening.
  2. Restricted to three minutes in all other rubbers.
  3. Succeeding couples shall be ready to commence the next rubber as soon as the previous one is completed.


The League does not provide insurance cover for any individual club or their members.

The League strongly advises all clubs to provide :-

  1. Public Liability cover
  2. Personal cover for accidental bodily injury to club members whilst engaging in any Badminton match or practice session.

It is also suggested that enquiries should be made regarding conditions of hire of venues. Past experience has shown that some venues are not covered for injuries to hirers.

The League does provide personal accident and public liability insurance cover for players whist representing their club in any tournament event organised by the League  and for the League Officers while carrying out their duties or attending official meetings, and an All Risk policy for League’s cups and trophies.  These policies apply anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Match Score Sheet

It is important for clubs to complete the match score sheet fully. This document is the only regular means of enabling the individual club to communicate points of interest or events that may have occurred during their match with the Executive Committee.

Where a complaint is made on the back of a score sheet, it should be signed by both team captains. It should be noted that the opposition captain is ONLY signing acknowledgement that a complaint has been made, NOT that he/she agrees with it. The opposition captain can then make any counter comments on the back of their score sheet and these can also be signed by both captains in a similar manner.


Wearing apparel for matches should be recognised badminton clothing. Track suits may be worn.

Communication to Committee.

Post or email are both accepted, but it is the club’s responsibility to ensure that all communication is received. Emails please request a confirmation that your email has been received.


Structure of Event

The Team shall comprise no more than 3 men and 3 women. Every club entry will play 3 matches comprising of 9 games in each match.

Final Organisation – Random Draw on the morning.

Handicaps will be based on the team entered. Your mens and ladies players will be ranked 1,2,3

A Match will comprise 9 games – 3 x Mixed Doubles, 3 x Mens Doubles, 3 x Ladies Doubles and. All games will be one game to 21 points, no setting; change ends at 11. Everyone plays 2 levels and 1 mixed game

Knocking Up - players must be ready to play when called. Knocking-up will be limited to 2 minutes before each game; players must not leave the court between the knock-up and the start of the game.

Order of Play: level doubles and mixed

Substitutions in a Match are permitted if a player becomes incapacitated after play has begun, subject to:

  • The Organiser agreeing that any such substitution does not contravene the Tournament rules
  • The Manager of the opposing team being notified of the substitution.


You will usually have the use of 2 courts to play your match.When you are given the opportunity to use an additional court


Shuttles – Yehlex Championship Feather Shuttlecocks will be used. The Organiser will determine the speed of the shuttlecock. Once the speed has been agreed, no interference with that speed will be accepted.

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